Why Care OYAP


Four Reasons


It allows students to explore tentative career choices which could lead to a meaningful career. Earn credits towards a high school diploma for skills demonstrated in the workplace.

Also allows students to acquire hours and competencies that may be applied toward the total hours required for the trade, which accelerates the apprenticeship process.

Some other benefits are:

  • Increases awareness of workplace demands/needs
  • Increases opportunities for part time employment by building a network for future employment
  • Develops both specialized and transferable skills
  • Applies classroom theory to workplace experience
  • Makes a seamless transition from school to work
  • Experience a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in becoming a successful tradesperson
  • Increases safety awareness in the workplace
  • Earn a high school diploma and have a head start toward a career in a skilled trade
  • Possibility to complete a Level 1 training program through a registered Training Delivery Agent
  • Demonstrate an interest and aptitude to pursue the apprenticeship pathway